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  About Us...

Main Street Management was established in 1994 .  The owner, Brad Mills, a licensed real estate broker with exstensive experience in real estate,  saw a need in Napa for a high quality management company with reasonable fees.  A company that could be trusted to take care of  rental properties as if they were his own and relieve owners of the many daily headaches that self managing can create.  It was with this vision that Main Street Management was born. Over 23 years licensed real agent in our great state of California. Currently we manage over 200 units throughout the Bay Area but primarily in Napa County.

Property Manager vs Self Managing:

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a property manager is the peace of mind it will give you.  No more harrassing tenants for late rent.  No more angry tenants contacting you over a raise in rent, leaky faucet, or noisy neighbors.  No more showing your vacancy to potential applicants after a hard days work or on your days off.  However, the single most important reason to hire a property manager is for their specialized knowledge.  The State of California has dozens and dozens of laws regarding tenant/landlord relations.  It is required that we be completely up to date and in compliance with this ever changing and growing area of legislation.  When do you give a 30-day notice vs. a 60 day notice?  What are the special guidelines and requirements regarding security deposits? (and there are many!)  Can I enter the property?  How do I get rid of a bad tenant?  Where do I get  official forms and documents such as applications, rental contracts, 3-Day Notices,  notification of tenant rights, etc?  Failing to follow the specific laws and guidlines set by the State of California could lead to serious problems when dealing with an unhappy  yet well informed tenant.


Main Street Management vs Other Property Managers: 

We handle all of the tasks property managers typically do but there are a few things that set us apart from the others.  We assess no extra charges  for rolling over a vacancy or for establishing a new tenancy.  We charge you ONLY for the actual cost of advertising your rental property and we do not mark up expenses or labor incurred to maintain or repair your property.  On the contrary, we receive discounts from many major and local merchants for paint, draperies, appliances etc., a savings we pass on directly to you!    In the unfortunate event that an unlawful detainer is required, we will hire the attorney of your choice, prosecute the action,  pay the attorney's fees, court costs and litigation expenses out of your account without having to bother you with every minor detail.  We are available 24 hours a day via voice mail & e-mail.    All emergency calls are forwarded directly to the manager's cell phone for immediate response whether it be the weekend or a holiday. 

Not only are we better because of the higher quality, more personalized service; we are better because we do all of this for one flat fee, usually8% of your gross monthly income.  If you own multiple units or you have a resident manager at your complex,  discounted fees are available.  We do not nickle and dime you or your tenants.  There are no "turn over fees" or administration fees.  If your unit is vacant we receive no pay,  so you can see how important it is to us to keep your places rented to GOOD tenants!

Our Philosophy: 

We believe in keeping the properties generating income while still preserving their value.  We stay on top of things and make sure the places look sharp.  Before we even begin showing a vacancy we make certain that place is spotless:  Painted if necessary, carpets cleaned, well functioning appliances, well kept yard, trash hauled away, new linoleum or fixtures if necessary, etc.  In order to get good tenants the residence must look good.  A shabby unit attracts questionable applicants, who are often the ones who don't care when or if the rent gets paid.  It is our mission to avoid that!  We have many years of property management experience and  are confident that we can relieve you of your rental property headaches because we do it better AND we do it cheaper!

Want More?

If you would like further information,  literature,  or client references for Main Street Management   please click on the "contact us" link.  Thanks for visiting us on the web!